Finally: After cracking down on newsstands that use crates or racks nearby to flog newspapers, candy, what have you and finding the operators, the city also apparently forces the newsstands to post this sign of shame. NYC the Blog noticed this "Scarlet Letter" on an Upper East Side newsstand and found the title it egregiously violated:

Licensees shall not display or offer for sale merchandise from any public space adjacent to the licensed newsstand, whether on racks, shelves, tables, doors, boxes, crates, or from any portion of the newsstand exterior. Nothing may be affixed to or built into the exterior sides, rear or roof of the newsstand, except for advertising placed on the exterior of a newsstand by a franchisee. Nothing may be hung on rope, twine, or similar material affixed to the exterior sides, rear or roof of the newsstand. No sales may take place other than at the front of the newsstand.

Hear that—nothing may be affixed via twine! Years ago, as the city was moving towards its shiny new newsstands, operators complained it offered less room for selling items.