2006_05_shellys.jpgThe son of a man who fell down a restaurant's stairs is now suing the restaurant, claming that they let his dad get drunk and let him walk down the marble staircase. Dr. Joseph Wilder's son claims that Shelly's restaurant gave his father too much to drink, leading him to stumble down the stairs and fall into a coma for six weeks, later dying. Dr. Wilder had been the head of surgery for the Hospital of Joint Diseases, and his son claims Shelly's staff should have escorted the 82 year old to a staircase. Hmm, the ever-lingering question of how much a restaurant or bar staff should be responsible for their patrons - we imagine most linger on being overly cautious and helpful in order to avoid such lawsuits. The Post says Wilder's son, Nicholas, is looking for $10 million in damages; Dr. Wilder's widow is not involved in the lawsuit.