2006_10_subwaygate.jpgTrying to get onto a train can be nervewracking business, but is it worth your life? A man climbed over the gates between subway cars in an attempt to board a crowded C train at the 14th Street station. Yes, climbing over the gates. From the Daily News:

The packed subway pulled in about 8 p.m., and the victim tried to climb over a gate between the first and second cars, police at the scene said.

When the uptown train started to pull out, the man became stuck between the platform and the train and was dragged about 50 feet, leaving a gruesome trail of blood along the train's second car.

The 40-something man was described as "jumping" onto the cars, and a source told the Post, "It was probably just when the train started to move and it threw him off balance. It was a pure accident."

The MTA's safety suggestions say, "Boarding between subway cars may seem like a time-saver, but it is highly dangerous." What's strange is that it might seem possible to board that way to begin with, but we've seen it done before and simply thought, "What an idiot."