Yesterday it came out that the presumed dead plans to extend the 7 train to New Jersey were very much alive if very much in its infancy. And now the plan has gotten a vote of confidence from no-less than the man who killed the last big New York-New Jersey tunnel project, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie.

In an interview with WCBS 880 Christie had this to say about the idea of bringing the 7 train to Jersey:

I like this idea a heck of a lot better

and here’s why: it would do what the ARC tunnel was originally supposed to do, which is to connect New Jersey with the East Side of Manhattan and that makes this project infinitely better than the ARC Tunnel. Secondly, we’re approaching this as a partnership, unlike the ARC tunnel. The ARC tunnel was a partnership just between the federal government and the state of New Jersey and the federal government was paying about 30 percent of the cost and New Jersey was paying about 70 percent. Here, we’re looking at this as a partnership between New Jersey, New York City, New York state and the federal government.

So as long as New Jersey doesn't have to pay for most of it, Christie is happy to have the subway spread beyond the five boroughs!

The tunnel wasn't the only thing Christie talked about, though. He also chatted about local politics (pensions, pensions, pensions!), the national budget deficit ("I hope that they’re also going to take a serious look at reforming our tax code because our tax code in my opinion is like a wet blanket on economic growth and opportunities."), Occupy Wall Street ("I think the Occupy Wall Street folks are working off of the same anger that the Tea Party works off."), who he wants to see in the White House next (Romney) and Formula One racing coming to town ("It’s a unique road track because while it’s in the middle of Weehawken and West New York—some very well-populated areas of our state—there is literally no homes that are going to be affected in terms of their ability to come or go from their homes.").