On the heels of our coverage of the protest of the subway photoraphy ban, the Times article about the low-key, but high-flash-quotient protest starts off with, "At a protest by photographers, you see things like a guy taking pictures of a guy taking pictures of a few more guys taking pictures of one another." The protest, organized by Joe Anastasio, attracted a number of photographers, who seemed to some to be either some sort of new breed of subway paparazzi or a motley group of tourists without nametags and a tour leader. Interestingly enough, reports of how many actually showed up vary: The Daily News reports 40 photographers, the Times says 100, while Satan Laundromat (who took the photo above) thinks it was about 75. More pics at Unrelated News, the dart board, Samuel Johnson, Nether World, and Forgotten NY. Plus Good Cow has a film of the protest (WMV).