As previously noted, the operator of a Bronx-based nonprofit pled guilty this week to diverting more than $360K in government funds (that was supposed to go to cancer screenings) toward his own lavish, Gucci alligator belt-accessorized lifestyle. In addition to having to pay back the money, 49-year-old Joseph Junkovic is facing 18 to 24 months in prison for his misdeeds. But evidently, part of his punishment is also to be fat-shamed by the NY Post, a real newspaper that gets printed every day and distributed throughout America's capital of media and culture. Because there is no denominator low enough for everyone's favorite rag.

Fellow tabloid the Daily News found Junkovic's misdeeds sufficient enough that they stuck to the facts, and didn't resort to looking up synonyms for "fat ass." But the Post gleefully takes every opportunity it can to identify Junkovic by his weight, and not—oh I don't know—the fact he ripped off people with cancer, which might be a tad bit more relevant to this story than the fact the Post still thinks like a 4th grade bully.

  • "A fat-cat operator"
  • "so he could live large"
  • “There were times he billed for enormous and impossible hours"
  • "The corpulent conman"
  • "looking in court like he never met a meal he didn’t like"
  • "also loved to stuff his face at Smith and Wollensky steakhouses, sources said"
  • "Dressed in a button-down, blue-and-white striped shirt that looked like it was going to burst"
  • "the fat cat"

This is, sadly, par for the course with the Post and its allegedly human writing staff. As casually cruel, exploitative, and unnecessary as these fat references are, it's not even quite as bad as their previous forays into fat-shaming, slut-shaming, homeless-shaming, teen-shaming, religious-shaming, and body-shaming. And that doesn't even take into account when the Post has used its front cover as a means to offend Jews, accuse innocent people of being responsible for terrorist bombings, and practically reveled in someone's death.

And still, none of that even involves the racist rantings of America's Favorite Bigoted Catlady, Andrea Peyser, whose continued employment is a testament to the Post editorial board's hatred for all things Danish.