When the the World Trade Center Memorial and the steadily growing One World Trade Center are finally completed, how many police officers do you think it will take to protect the 16 acres around the soon-to-be tallest building in New York? If you guessed 673 officers, you win today's No-Prize!

At his annual State of the NYPD address today Commissioner Kelly announced that the World Trade Center Command, which is still looking to find a home, will slowly build up to nearly 700 officers by the time the tower formally known as Freedom is completed (and we'll hazard a guess and say they'll be sans scooters). And officers from the Port Authority will also be on the site! In the meantime the Command will have a temporary home in the East Village. But don't fret.

"We will have a significant presence there when the memorial opens [this] September 11," Kelly said. Understandably, considering safety concerns, he didn't really elaborate on the on security plans, beyond saying that they were being put together now. But he did emphasize their importance, especially to the workers who will soon be filling the tower saying that the NYPD owes "no less to the people who will be there every day."