The Marist Poll has the answer with its latest numbers for Governor Paterson: "it can still go lower, but not by much! Not quite one-fifth of New York registered voters statewide — 19% — report that Governor David Paterson is doing either an excellent or good job in office." And 51% of respondents say they rather have Spitzer in office. Marist's Lee Miringoff said, "The numbers could barely be any weaker for Governor Paterson—although we said that last March when he had a 26% rating" and says voters may think Paterson as the "wrong guy at the wrong place at the wrong time—and he has to find a way to make three wrongs make a right" which might be very difficult. Especially when it come to the 2010 election: Marist's current numbers show Attorney General Cuomo leading Paterson by 50 points and in a Paterson vs. Rudy Giuliani matchup, Giuliani would win 56% to 32%.