2006_6_hybridsuv1.jpgTreehugger has been doing a series of posts on different cities, and today, the attention is turned on New York City:

We want to know what are the good, and what are the bad things going on there. What is the general level of eco-consciousness in population? How is it for cyclists? How's public transportation? Suburban sprawl? Air quality? Recycling/composting? As time passes, are things getting better or worse? How are the policymakers

The comments so far are interesting - one Brooklynite notes the good is public transport and food co-ops but the bad as littering, private car usage, and disparity of wealth.

For Gothamist's money, the city does have a great public transport system - but it could be wonderful, with a combination of better management and more government support (or partially privatize it!). NYC can be bike-friendly, but many drivers - and police officers - aren't as aware as they could be. There's a lot great ideas, like congestion pricing, but we wonder if they will happen. And Mayor Bloomberg did bring back recycling, but it's crazy that he removed it in the first place because of budget problems.

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