howhigh.jpgClifford Smith, aka Method Man, was arrested Thursday evening after a police officer at the Brooklyn Battery Tunnel noted his Lincoln Navigator's expired inspection sticker, pulled him over, and was met with a cloud of marijuana smoke when the Wu Tang Clan rapper rolled down his window. Note to Method Man: investigate EZ-Pass. Cops found him with a pair of blunts, a quantity of pot, and under the influence.

When rapper Method Man rolled down his SUV's window at the Battery Tunnel to pay the toll, a cloud of marijuana smoke wafted outside - and landed him in jail, authorities said yesterday.

"It was like something out of 'Cheech and Chong.'

He rolls down the window and the smoke would choke a horse," a source said.

Method Man's latest release "4:21 . . .The Day After" includes tracks such as "Somebody Done F**ked Up," and "4:20". The 2001 film "How High" stars Method Man as one of two men who smoke supernaturally enhanced marijuana, ace their college entrance exams, and go on to attend Harvard. Method Man was very agreeable throughout Thursday's ordeal, and even volunteered that he had more weed stashed under his driver's seat.