2005_03_legolandmini.jpgWhile the actual Freedom Tower is years away, people can get a glimpse of a newly constructed one: Legoland out in Carlsbad, CA has updated their Miniland New York by constructing the new WTC site. Legoland explains the work:

Starting in December 2004, LEGOLAND California’s Master Model Designer, William Webb, in collaboration with a fellow Master Model Builder from Denmark, began sketching the design and creating a 3D computer model of the Freedom Tower using published photos of the winning design. The 1/70 scale model includes a “wind farm” in the top portion of the tower, which in the actual structure will use wind-harvesting turbines to generate 20 percent of the building’s electricity. Clear LEGO bricks are used in the lower portion of the building to represent glass and the overall structure will echo the profile of the Statue of Liberty. The spire on top represents the Torch of Freedom, the building itself represents her body and the wind farm represents her head and crown.

Master Model Builders decided to build the Freedom Tower in four sections: the body, the roof, wind farm and spire. These sections incorporate a main office space, observation deck, restaurant and event space, wind turbines and observation platform. At night, the LEGO Freedom Tower will truly shine as fiber optic lights in the roof and spire illuminate the building. Two memorial reflecting pools have been built in the footprint of the World Trade Center. The spire is eight feet tall and took one designer three days to build. The observation deck and roof took an entire week and a half to build and stands three feet high.

That sounds really cool - now, Lego Master Builders, please build Santiago Calatrava's soaring transit hub. And Gothamist thinks the Lego Freedom Tower is probably much better looking that what the actual will be. We also like how at Legoland's Miniland NY you can see Lego figures breakdance. Now, if they only could hold a can of spray paint! [Via Newyorkology]

Gothamist on Freedom Tower.