2005_10_20_bridge.jpgThere's a good question over at Apartment Therapy's "good questions" regular feature this week that stood out to us: "How do [NYers] incorporate nature or relaxation into their daily lives?"

Finding a way to be comfortable and/or relaxed in the city is a tricky task, one that becomes increasingly important (and harder) as the days get shorter and shorter (damn you depleted daylight!). AT offers some sage advice (regular exercise and a calm home environment) and their readers further back it up with some other nice points (walking being the big 'un, followed by public spaces, cleaning, wine, ear plugs, afternoon movies, and the like). Our fave solution is definitely long walks (bad day at work? We just walk home from midtown to Brooklyn) though drugs and alcohol certainly don't hurt either.

But the reason we bring this up is more to get your $.02 then to share our own. So, what do you do to incorporate relaxation into your lives in the Big Apple?

Relaxing photograph of the soon to be "terror proofed" Verrazano Bridge by cornershots.