The Apples are coming! To celebrate the city, huge four-foot acrylic apples decorated by hundreds of artists will be popping up around town during Big Apple Fest, who are the people behind Cow Parade. After the city has had its fill of apples for two months, the fake fruit will be auctioned off, with proceeds going to City Harvest, the Police Atheltic League, and NYC & Company, the city's official tourism group. Newsday spoke to artist Maria Tsesarskay, a Ukrainian printmaker, who said, "New York is a Big Apple and so it's a great idea. Even for years to come, it would be great if they keep doing it because...(it would) give people an idea what the Big Apple is about." Her designs include an American flag apple, constellation apple, and apple with Manhattan skyline. The Apples are kind of hokey, but they seem to be popular with the politicos. Gothamist is holding out hope that there's a "Bad Apple" with a rat gnawing at it somewhere.

DC got Panda-Mania.