The Rockaways began their post-Irene cleanup efforts this week, and while some locals were psyched for the storm to hit, not everything was peachy keen at the beach. "The beach erosion is significant. So is the boardwalk damage," said City Councilman Eric Ulrich, whose district covers parts of Rockaway.

Parts of the boardwalk, especially near Beach 95th St, were roped off and parts of the walkway were "split like an open zipper." The Community Board district manager said he estimates that the beachfront lost "five to six feet" of sand, though fortunately most of the boardwalk shops weren't badly damaged. The beach itself was closed to swimmers, but beachgoers (perhaps taking a page from Chris Christie?) were out and about, sunbathing and playing in the sand.

Ulrich said "I hope the city will submit these claims to the federal government to get compensated. The city doesn't have the money to fix it." The suits better step in soon—how else will Rockaway Beach get those fancy new hipster hotels?

CBS has video of of the boardwalk post-storm. Now get out there and help stimulate the Rockaway economy!