2006_12_branding.jpgA month and a half ago, a young woman lured her ex-boyfriend to the dumpy Chelsea Inn - where her new boyfriend and another man grabbed him, tied him up and then branded an "R" onto his butt. Kristina Caban, 21, and Robert Testagrossa, 25, were arrested and charged with kidnapping, robbery and assault for the attack on Samir Sara, and now it turns out that they were trying to brand "rapist" into Sara's body with a torch and wire bought at Home Depot (!).

The Post reports that Caban initially accused Sara of raping her, but then "admitted she didn't tell Sara 'no' to sex." The police also said that the Testagrossa and his friend Joel Leonhard thought they had knocked out Sara with a Taser. But cops explain that Tasers only drop you, so when Sara felt the "R" being branded into his skin, "the victim became agitated and started screaming . . . They panicked and left." Those screams got the attention of another guest and the manager.

Police are looking to question Leonhard. And Testagrossa is the son of Queens prosecutor Charles Testagrossa who is leading the investigation into the police shooting of Sean Bell.