We always wonder how the people fishing at various points in the city do, and now we know that there are some huge fish biting off the shores. Reader Ryan Eugene Kelley sent us this anecdote and photographs from his friend, Rodney Calhoun:

Bed Stuy resident Percy, seen here riding a Queens bound G train to Bedford Nostrand, battled his giant 43 lb striped bass all morning. Wilson caught the giant fish behind a school in Far Rockaway using clams for bait. "They're smart you see, all morning they were just sucking the bait, not really striking it you know". But eventually Wilson got the strike he'd been looking for, and now he and his family will be eating striped bass for weeks to come. "I'm gonna fillet it up soon as I get home, then I'm gonna take a nap, that fish wore me out."

Awesome! Here's information about fishing in NYC from the Parks department.

Photographs by Rodney Calhoun