The hottest gift this holiday season was also the one most likely to send you to the hospital or burn down your home. The hip "hoverboards", beloved by suburban dads and facial tattoo enthusiasts, likely ruined dozens—if not hundreds—of Christmases this year, with one NJ hospital receiving over a dozen patients for injuries relating to the motorized boards on Christmas Day alone. And don't get Russell Crowe started, or he'll never stop talking about it.

Valley Hospital in Ridgewood, NJ treated 14 patients in its emergency room on December 25th for injuries related to the whiz-bang gadget. According to CBS, most injuries occurred when people fell off the boards, a phenomenon captured in stunning variety by the #hoverboardfails hashtag. Two fires associated with the boards were also reported in the state.

Back in Brooklyn, the FDNY has been dealing with its own version of Firestarter 2: The Hovering:

A Crown Heights family had plugged in their brand-new board to charge when the device exploded and caught on fire. "It was sitting on the floor, plugged in, and it went BOOM," Loretta Johnson recalled to the Post. "There were flames and sparks everywhere...the thing was still blowing up and popping pieces all over the place. We were very, very scared."

The future is looking bright burn-y.