Yesterday, a bicyclist was killed at East Houston and Elizabeth Street. Andrew Morgan, the manager at Blue Ribbon Bakery on Bedford and Downing, was knocked down by a truck, and screamed for a delivery truck to stop. But the truck continued to make a right turn onto Elizabeth, pinning Morgan. A forklift and inflatable bags where used to retrieve Morgan, who was later pronounced dead at St. Vincent's. The police did not charge the driver, only issuing a summons for driving with an expired inspection sticker, because it "looked like an accident." A friend said about Morgan, who moved here from Austin a year and a half ago, "He loved it here. He loved the people. He thought the more time he spent here, New York became smaller."

Last month, a bike rider was killed by a private trash truck at Houston and Avenue A. Houston is one of the scariest streets in the city, pedestrians, bicyclists and drivers all. There's too much construction and too much traffic. Here are some bike safety tips from the city.