Most of the work won't be visible on street level for a while longer, but if the construction that started on August 1 is completed as expected than come January 2008 Houston St. between the Bowery and West St. won't be the same (it won't be that different either but what's a little hyperbole among friends). The Villager has a look at the $29.4 million dollars of work being put into effect:

-Sewer and water mains will be replaced.
-Left-turn bays will be added on westbound Houston onto Mercer, Broadway and W. Broadway as well as one on eastbound Houston onto Lafayette.
-A 5-foot-wide median at the Houston/Crosby intersection will be added.
-The sidewalk on the south side of Houston between W. Broadway and Sixth Avenue will be widened from 9 to 22 feet while the sidewalk from Sixth Ave. to Varick St. will be widened from 15 1/2 feet to 20 feet.

Gothamist is all for fixing things before they're embarrassingly broken, and the sidewalk on the south side of Houston probably should be expanded, but we wonder what kind of craziness this is going to cause over the next two and a half years, what with the dust and the rerouted traffic.