2007_03_angelhess.jpgReal estate prices getting you down? When you realize that the $1300 you're forking over for rent results in an apartment the size of a shoebox, where are you to turn? In the case of a Brooklyn man, you buy a bread truck. That's what Angel Hess did last year and where he's been living with his girlfriend Theresa Magario since October. Hess bought the truck for $2,500 on eBay and drove the car back from California. Once back, they were unable to settle in Manhattan because it was too difficult to find parking. When Hess first moved his truck to Brooklyn, he had some issues with alternate side of the street parking (who doesn't), graffiti, and people urinating on the tires. The Daily News reports that Hess has spent about $4,000 in renovation costs so far and plans do spend another $4,000 in future renovations.

Some of the lovely acquirements of Hess's bread truck include: an oak ceiling, three layers of insulation, bamboo floor tiles, a wood-burning stove and solar panels. What? No exposed brick? Needless to say, future buyers of the apartments across from the parking lot he parks in on N. 12th and Bedford Ave. will certainly be jealous. Especially when they find out Hess only pays $200 a month for his parking spot.

Oh, and if you're worried about what the couple does for a toilet and a shower, don't fret. Hess will be building a bathroom soon (it wasn't clear if the truck already has one) and they go shower at a gym in Manhattan. What, pissing on the tires isn't good enough?

Photo of Angel Hess and his purple 1953 bread truck from Purple53.com, where Hess is accepting donations