Here in New York we love when Woody Allen gets intellectual, but let's not deny that some of his best work is slapstick comedy. Sleeper is a classic example, and the iconic house (located in Golden, Colorado) now could be yours! If the owner would ever get out, that is. The New York Times reports that John Dilday bought the house at a foreclosure auction for $1.5 million with the intention of flipping it, but previous owner Michael Dunahay is refusing to leave. Dunahay was served with an eviction notice in November, and now they've reached a tentative agreement, and yadda yadda did you know the Orgasmatron is real?!

Ok, not real real, but that weird contraption is actually in the house. It turns out the pleasurable chamber is actually the house's elevator. The house should be on the market for about $2.5 million early next year. And now, the classic "Ginsberg & Cohen Computerized Fittings" scene.