Well, our forecast for the weekend was a bit off. Instead of the upper 80s the mercury reached at least 90 degrees both days. Central Park is now up to five 90 degree days this month. Get ready for more as that number could double in the next week as a heat wave spreads across the country. Still, we're no Oklahoma City, where today will be the 48th consecutive 90 degree day and 28th day over 100 degrees this year.

Today is going to hot and humid as high pressure off the coast pumps the moisture our way. Starting this afternoon that moist air mass is going to collide with a cold front sinking down from the Great Lakes. The resulting showers could be intense and produce small hail and gusty winds. The best chance of rain will be in the wee hours overnight. Despite the cold front tomorrow's not going to be much cooler or less humid. Look for highs in the low 90s today and near 90 on Tuesday.

Slightly drier air arrives on Wednesday as Canadian high pressure moves south. Wednesday should be the coolest day of the week with a high in the upper 80s. Then practice will be over and the real heat begins! We could easily see several days in the 90s, with Friday's high reaching into the upper 90s. Any cooling will have to wait until next Sunday at the earliest.