The self-described "hottest sports reporter in Mexico" who said she was "embarrassed" by the locker room-mentality on display in the Jets, um, locker room is sending mixed messages. Over the weekend, TV correspondent Ines Sainz created the impression, via Twitter, that she was the victim of sexual harassment while waiting to interview quarterback Mark Sanchez in the locker room. Now she says, "In no moment did I feel attacked or subjected to anything really offensive." And though Sainz insists her tight jeans were "appropriate" attire, she now concedes, "My body type might be the type that could stretch jeans a little."

But in an interview before last night's game, which Sainz attended wearing a black minidress with a plunging neckline and matching black stilettos, the reporter said that in the locker room, one Jet shouted to her, "I want to play with a Mexican," and, "Eres muy guapa" which means "You are very beautiful," in Spanish. "I didn't want any part of it," Sainz, a mother of three, said. "I heard the noise. I knew they were talking about me. I was just focusing on my job and hoping that [quarterback] Mark Sanchez was coming soon so I could interview him."

NFL officials and Jet legal staff yesterday interviewed reporters who witnessed the sophomoric stunts, and today the players present in the locker room will be grilled. Jets owner Woody Johnson also personally called Sainz to apologize, which she accepted, and reassured him, "Don't worry, it's not as serious as you probably believe it." But it's just serious enough to keep her in the media spotlight! At least that's Post columnist Andrea Peyser's take; in a column today she writes, "All bets were off the minute Sainz declared herself 'the hottest sports reporter in Mexico.' This calls into question exactly what she's selling—her sweat and hard work, or her body parts. Women have worked long and hard for equality on the playing field and in the locker room. We don't need a publicity whore to muck it up."