"Soon." That is all that reps from the MTA will tell us when we pressured them for info on when one of the truly irritating subway transfers in Manhattan will go the way of the dodo. Soon.

Though the signs heralding a transfer to the uptown 6 at Bleecker Street from the Broadway-Lafayette B/D/F/M/downtown 6 stop have been up since late March and the project was originally scheduled to be done by "sometime this spring," here we are in the middle of July and those looking to transfer to the uptown 6 still need to go above ground and cross at least Lafayette. Which is, to say the least, an irritating way to commute.

For a bit there was some talk of an early July opening, and then of an August 13th opening, for transfer but the first is past and the MTA refuses to confirm the other. Again, all that they will tell us is "soon." Which just makes us want to kick our feet in the air like a small child: We want to go down those stairs now!