Goddamnit! All this time Gothamist thought that we could get to the mayor by emailing him through the city's website, but clearly, we should have just checked the phone book because the phone number at the Mayor's Upper East Side townhouse is very listed! All the papers are buzzing with how the Mayor mentioned that the niece of a constituent called to complain about her aunt's housing situation. The Daily News wrote about the Housing Authority trying to evict 94 year-old Dottie Wollner from her Williamsburg apartment; Wollner has lived in Williams Plaza for 42 years, but switched apartments to take care of her sister and stayed in the sister's apartment after her death. Mayor Bloomberg has made sure Aunt Dottie can stay in her apartment, and isn't too upset with the opportunity to show he's in touch with his public during an election year. The Mayor said she called late, but it turned out the call was only at 10:15PM (the niece, Sheila Powsner, is upset for calling so late, but was surprised when the Mayor actually answered), but now Gothamist wonders if Mayor Bloomberg had his sleeping cap on and his hot water bottle ready. He asks that New Yorkers direct their calls to 311 first. The NY Times notes that the Village Voice published his phone number a few years ago and had their reporter call the number:

Reporter: Hi. Is the mayor there?
Woman: No, he's not available right now.
Reporter: Where is he?
Woman: He's at his office.

Gothamist is kind of dying to call and ask "Is your refrigerator running?" but perhaps the next time there's a nutty plot twist on Law & Order (like Serena Southerlyn being gay!), we'll call him, though we'd prefer his IM.