It's going to be another hot day today but, as the saying goes, it's a dry heat. Nearly two inches of rain fell yesterday, more than half of that in less than an hour's time, as a cold front approached the city. Before the rain the dew point managed to climb to 77 degrees, which is uncomfortable in the extreme as that much humidity does not let our bodies cool off by evaporation. If you thought yesterday's humidity was unpleasant be thankful you weren't in the city of Bandar Mahshahr, Iran. Their high temperature yesterday was 109 with an utterly insane dew point of 90 degrees.

Behind the front the dew point here has dropped to the much more pleasant upper 50s, where it should stay for the rest of the day. That dryness along with subsiding air as high pressure arrives will give us plenty of sunshine and a high right around 90 this afternoon. Saturday's high should be about the same but with a slightly higher, but not oppressive, humidity.

The humidity is expected to drop again on Sunday following the passage of a weak cold front. This pattern of a hot, dry day followed by a hot, humid day should continue through Wednesday, when a more significant cold front will finally bring the temperature down closer to normal. Look for afternoon highs to be within a couple degrees of 90 every day until then.