wxch_heatindex_0709.jpgThe highest temperature ever recorded in Central Park happened 71 years ago today. On July 9th, 1936 the thermometer maxed out at 106 degrees. That record is safe but it will be plenty hot today and tomorrow. There's a bit of uncertainty to today's high temperature. AccuWeather is calling for a max of 92 degrees, while the Weather Service and Weather Channel both say it'll be around 96 or 97. Gothamist is leaning toward believing AccuWeather on this one as the Weather Service has been slightly warm on their predictions the past few days. In either case it will still be plenty hot.

Don't be fooled by the cooler temperatures predicted for tomorrow. High pressure over the western Atlantic will up the humidity to oppressive levels tonight. We'll only cool down to about 80 tomorrow morning, and that humidity will drive the heat index toward the century mark. Although today's heat will fall short of warranting a heat advisory, tomorrow may put us over the limit. As always Office of Emergency Management has a list of heat-beating tips. Our only heat-beating tip is this set of ice photos from Antarctica.

Lots of heat and humidity usually means there's at least a slight chance of rain showers. Those showers are most likely to occur on Wednesday evening as a cold front approaches. Wednesday will still be warm, with a high around 90. Relief from the heat doesn't really arrive until Thursday, according to the Weather Channel, or Friday for you National Weather Service devotees.

Today's Heat Index values from Weather.com.