Congratulations, New York! You set the new record for peak electricity demand yesterday, with a record 13,103 megawatts at 5PM yesterday. Con Ed says that the previous record was 13, 059 megawatts on July 27, 2005, so, chew on that, July 2005. Of course, in spite of residents' and business owners' best efforts to conserve electricity (even the MTA cut its power load), there are some power outages across the city (mostly Queens and Brooklyn).
People wished for fall to come early, social workers checked up on the elderly, the cool-seekers headed to the Harlem Fairway's cold room, and the entrepreneurs thought of new ways of bringing people some relief. Gothamist has had a chance to play one of our favorite summer subway games: Make sure we get on the car with air-conditioning, as a fairly empty train car during rush hour surrounded by crowded train cars means only one thing.

How did you deal with the heat yesterday? Today might be hotter, so take care of yourself. It definitely seems more humid and therefore more yucky. We must consider these suggestions on sweatiquette from the Daily News.

Photograph of kids swimming off New Jersey, right across from the city, by Mike Derer/AP