While some reports have been declaring that Charlie Sheen is off the hook for his hooker, coke and booze-fueled adventures at the Plaza Hotel in October, new reports suggest that the investigation is still open. Yesterday TMZ said authorities don't believe Sheen engaged in any criminal conduct—you know, even though he was escorted from his suite frothing, naked and with a hooker locked in the bathroom. Just a typical family vacation!

Now word is that the Manhattan district attorney's office has not closed its investigation. According to the NY Post, the complaint filed by Capri Anderson (alleging assault and false imsprisonment) is still being investigated—specifically, she accuses him of choking her and shouting racial slurs while threatening to kill her. Sources are saying, however, that even if the case is still not closed, Sheen will not end up being charged. No word on Sheen's lawsuit against Anderson, in which he claims she was extorting money from him following the incident.