Are you missing a beautiful rare red bird? A reader sent in the above photo of the bird-in-question today, saying they had found it outside their apartment building on East 2nd Street between 1st and 2nd Avenues. They write: "Bird seemed quite agitated and freaked out, but with the help of a female neighbor we were able to get the bird inside and are now trying to find its owner/what to do with it."

They tried calling 311 ("pretty much no help"), and add that the bird does have an identification band on its right leg, "but I couldn't quite make out what it said on it." According to a reader on EV Grieve, the bird appears to be a juvenile pet female Eclectus Parrot, generally calm birds who are sometimes mistaken for being "dull-witted." If you are the owner, or know them, you can contact us at Until then, bird is the word: