July was two distinct months in terms of temperature. For the first eighteen days the month was running at a record 5.4 degrees warmer than normal pace, culminating in a high of 100 degrees on the 18th. Cooler weather settled in afterwards, with the last thirteen days running 2.2 degrees below normal. Looking over a longer time span, the first seven months of this year is the warmest such period on record for Central Park. This January through July was nearly half a degree warmer than second place in 1991 and more than ten degrees warmer than the very cold 1888.

Enough about the past, today is shaping up to be a typical hot and humid August afternoon. There's plenty of sun, an air quality alert, and a high near 90. With the Bermuda High overhead we can expect a near-repeat for this summer's first Summer Streets day tomorrow.

It looks like a cold front is going to run into the Bermuda High on Sunday and you know what that means. Showers and thunderstorms could start as early as Sunday morning, but the real show with heavy rain, gusty winds and all that will probably be in the evening and on into Monday. Dry weather is expected to make a cameo appearance on Tuesday.