uv_map.jpgThe last weekend of spring promises to be sunny and hot. According to the Weather Service temperatures should max out around 90 tomorrow and the mid-90s on Sunday. Central Park's record high for June 19th is 98. We probably won't get that warm but we'll come close. The Weather Channel thinks we'll only get up to 90 on Sunday.

Where's a good place to cool off? For natural cooling the south-facing beaches will be your spot this weekend. Southerly winds off the ocean will keep daytime temperatures 5-10 degrees cooler than more inland locations. That's good news for all you NIN and Bauhaus fans (are there still NIN and Bauhaus fans?) going to Jones Beach tomorrow.

If you are going to the beach for a concert, to ride the Cyclone, or take a dip in our pristine ocean waters, keep in mind that the summer solstice is next week. With the sun as close to overhead as it can get at this latitude the sun's rays will be at their most intense. As you can see, the UV forecast, which tells us the skin damaging potential of the sun, borders on the extreme category tomorrow. Weather.com's Skin Protection Center tells Gothamist that we should be wearing SPF 45 sunscreen tomorrow even if we're only going out for an hour. The NYC Office of Emergency Management gives these heat- and sun-beating tips: stay out of the sun or wear sunscreen if you have to be outside; avoid strenous activity; wear lightweight, light-colored, loose-fitting clothing; and drink plenty of water.