The James Madison High School teachers are back in the rags today! First off, the Daily News reports that just a week after two female teachers were caught with their tops off and pants down (Cindy Mauro and Alini Brito), and another was caught in an affair with a student (Allison Musacchio)... a fourth educator is under investigation! Assistant Principal Michael Edelman has now been accused of sexual harassment at the Brooklyn school. An investigation of the 62-year-old is now underway.

Meanwhile, over at the NY Post they seem to be taking the high road, not even mentioning this fourth scandal... and highlighting the fact that some people think the media has blown this out of proportion and ruined the lives of the teachers... particularly the Daily News, who they credit with breaking the story.

The Post points to “The Infamous Ms. Brito Rumor” Facebook page (R.I.P.), and prints one comment from there, which states: “To the Daily News: Thanks a lot assholes for giving our great school a bad name, ruining and affecting the lives of both students and teachers, and taking this way out of proportion."

Currently all teachers involved in scandals at the high school are under investigation by the DOE, and allegedly one is suffering from depression after the incident.