This has NOT been a good week to be a bus driver in Brooklyn! On Monday a passenger on the B68 attacked a driver with a syringe, last Thursday a driver was allegedly assaulted by a suspect who didn't want to pay their fare and then today another driver had a cup of coffee thrown on him! This is why bus drivers want those partitions!

Today's incident occurred this morning around 8:30 a.m. at 7th Avenue and Prospect Avenue when a man jumped out of a car and threw hot coffee through an open window of the bus, hitting the driver, Stephen Vasquez. According to authorities the man then hopped back into an Acura (with Pennsylvania plates) and drove off. The police have not made an arrest in the incident, which appears to have been caused by a traffic dispute.

Vasquez suffered minor injuries in the assault and, after being evaluated by rescue workers, took the rest of the day off. Did you witness, or know anything, about any of these incidents? The MTA could have $2,000 for you.