4cast_0728.jpgThanks to a suggestion by our beloved publisher Gothamist Weather has recently become addicted to the weird daily weather video from PhearCreative. Usually filmed in Tompkins Square Park, the video features an engaging pre-teen girl presenting the weather forecast along with a series of groan-inducing snarky remarks and jokes. The weirdness is with the snark, as it usually contains references to pop culture, drugs or sex. The pop culture remarks would be fine if they referred to things ten-year olds knew about, but having a little kid make sex and drug jokes is more than a little creepy.

If you like disturbing internet weather forecasts Gothamist recommends either David Lynch's daily report from Los Angeles or the oddly soothing robot voice of PirateWeather.com.

Also disturbing –this weekend's weather! Gothamist is not a fan of the hot and humid, which means we will not be happy this weekend. Low pressure approaching from the west has caused the National Weather Service to issue Severe Thunderstorm Watch until this evening. A line of thunderstorms has already broken out over Pennsylvania and are expected to reach the city around rush hour. You did bring an umbrella to work today, didn't you? The rain should fade tonight, leaving us with a hot and humid Saturday, with highs reaching the low-90s. We are so looking forward to wilting at a friend's birthday picnic in Central Park (look for the balloons!) tomorrow. High humidity and temperatures around 90 are expected for several days. With each hot day, escaping to the Maine Lobster Festival next week is looking better and better to Gothamist.

Screen capture from PhearCreative's 4Cast.