2006_02_chillywilly.jpgGood stuff: The NY Times has an article about the strange weather behavior this year so far: "Eighteen times since Jan. 1, the city's high temperature has fluctuated by 10 degrees or more from one day to the next, compared with only 8 times during the same period in 2005 and 10 times in 2004." That sounds about right, given how many times we seem to have change our winter layering strategies. And it sounds about right for a world that is clearly under the throes of global warming - did you last night's 60 Minutes segment about global warming (the poor polar bears!)? This past weekend was perfect for staying inside, not watching the Olympics, catching up on Netflix DVDs and wishing for mere 30 degree days. Heck, we'll take 28 without the wind chill.

Were you too cold this weekend? Did you call 311 to complain about your heat?