The city has announced that it's opening up "cooling centers" to let hot New Yorkers cool off. Basically, these are senior centers or community centers that are open between 9AM-5PM, and you can find one near you by calling 311 or searching the website. The Mayor also urged New Yorkers to take advantage of the pools and beaches, so now Gothamist will be writing to the Mayor, asking him if he'll give us a pass not to go to work on hot days. One day, we'll embark on our own comparison of the temperature in the subways versus aboveground, but for now, we'll have to be comforted in only being able to read the the first two paragraphs of this NY Sun article.

The Office of Emergency Management on beating the heat. And our readers gave us suggestions on good pools and beaches in the area as well as thoughts on what the humidity does to us.