...but the radio station's landlord still wants to evict them! The trouble-attracting hip=hop and R&B station won a reprieve from a judge, allowing them to let rappers return to the studios. But on the condition that rappers do not bring their entourages - hmm, will does a publicist or manservant count? Landlord New York City District Council of Carpenters had forbidden any visitors allowed up to Hot 97 or other stations owned by Emmis - CD101 and Kiss FM - and Emmis argued they were being discriminated against because no other businesses had visitor bans. We're almost positive the NYCDCC responded with "Well, none of the other tenants have had visitors try to kill each other." And though Hot 97 now has to pay for an armed guard to stand outside and patrol the area, we'd imagine the entourage could not simply be doubled parked in front of the building, because a lot of altercations have occured outside 395 Greenwich. While the NYCDCC is happy about the changes, they believe "ejectment" is the only solution. Ooh - ejectment does sound less scary than eviction.