Hot 97's landlord is suing in order to evict the troublemaking station from its Tribeca building. This comes after the NYPD installed a camera to surveil/scare away activities outside the studio (Hot 97, for their part, says they like the camera). The District Council of Carpenters Benefits's lawyer claims that "Hot 97 is a public and private nuisance to the people of New York. They are fostering a level of violence to ensure a high rating," but Hot 97, which has the lease until 2012, says that there are no legal grounds to evict them. Further, Hot 97 recommends the the station, the landlord, and the NYPD meet to work out a security plan. We'd love to be in that meeting! This ruling will be interesting, because it'll pit a safety issue versus the right to lease. Can you evict your law-flouting, violence-attracting tenant?

The Smoking Gun has a long list of various violent incidents at Hot 97 included in the lawsuit. This will so be a Behind the Music.