2007_11_hostage.jpgWABC 7 reports that someone has been holding hostages in a Bronx home since 4AM.

The suspect is holding an uncertain number of hostages (WABC says there may be multiple hostages; Fox 5 says one) at 2445 Williamsbridge Road in the the Bronxdale section. One of the hostages may also be an off-duty corrections officer (the apartment is rented by a corrections officer). The suspect's relationship to the hostage and demands are unknown, but police have surrounded the house and are situated on the roofs of neighboring houses.

How Stuff Works has an explanation of how hostage negotiation works. Retired NYPD Detective Dominick Misino has written an E-Book about hostage negotiation in the Big Apple; here's an article he co-wrote about whether negotiators need to be certified. And eight years ago, A&E had a special about NYPD negotiators called Talk to Me.

Update: Apparently the police went to the Bronxdale home to question a suspect in the killing of a man in Queens. WABC 7 suggests that the killing may be part of a love triangle, and the suspect-hostage taker and the female off-duty corrections officers are the other parties. The off-duty corrections officer is reportedly in the apartment, with her two childrne.