A married couple allegedly bought hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of duds from luxury retailers such as Saks Fifth Avenue using information stolen from patients at a Manhattan hospital.

Kyle Steed, 30, was an equipment cleaner at Lenox Hill Hospital when he allegedly stole personal information from more than 80 emergency room patients from January 2014 to February 2015. From there, his wife Krystie Steed, 30, allegedly used the information to take over credit card accounts with Bank of America and American Express. Prosecutors say she often used a "fake older person voice," and once claimed to be at a doctor's office requiring immediate access to a card number to pay a bill. In another instance, she allegedly said she was holiday shopping with her grandchildren, and when thwarted she would purportedly place repeated calls to customer service until reaching a rep who would let her skip security questions.

With the hijacked accounts, she allegedly ordered designer merchandise, including $6,000 Chanel handbags from Saks. Prosecutors say she tried making more than $1 million in purchases from the store, and ultimately succeeded in buying $300,000 worth of stuff from various outlets.

"One incident illustrates the real callous nature of the fraud," prosecutor Daniel Haier said at the couple’s arraignment Wednesday in Manhattan Supreme Court. "Just two hours after a patient at Lenox Hill Hospital died, Krystle Steed used that information to take over that patient’s credit card account."

Lenox Hill Hospital has said it's cooperating with law enforcement, and suspended Kyle Steed once it learned of the investigation, according to NBC 4. He has since been fired. Now, the hospital says it's notifying people whose records were stolen. The Bronx couple is facing charges including attempted grand larceny, grand larceny, identity theft, and possession of stolen property.

Krystie Steed has two open shoplifting cases. Her lawyer told NBC 4 she did not enter a plea Wednesday. Judge Bonnie Wittner set a $300,000 bond for Kyle and a $750,000 bond for Krystle, who she called an "unrepentant serial larcenist."