Police say they've caught the man who opened fire in a Bronx Emergency Room waiting area Wednesday night in an apparent gang fight. Michael (Mills) Wayman, 29, allegedly a member of the gang Burnside Money Getters, has been charged with assault and weapons possession after police found him in a Hamilton Heights apartment yesterday. Wayman's intended target was not shot, but a 37-year-old nurse was hit with bullet fragments in his shoulder, and a security guard, 42, was also hit with a ricocheting bullet. Fortunately, both are in stable condition.

Witnesses tell the Daily News that Wayman summoned a man out of the E.R. after tracking him down at the hospital, where he'd sought treatment for a gash under his eye from an earlier fight. “He goes back to the waiting area and all hell breaks loose,” witness Cecilia Belle-Singleton tells the News. "You heard ‘Pop! Pop! Pop! Pop!’" Wayman fled after the alleged shooting, but the NYPD’s Regional Fugitive Task Force caught up with him yesterday.

Police sources say the shooting arose from a gang feud between the Riverpark Towers Crew and their Money Getters rivals. But Karen Brown, a family friend of Wayman's, tells the Post, "I know he would never do nothing like that. The family will stand behind him."