Crazy stuff is happening in New York City streets: A dirtslide yesterday, and today, two horses get loose from a stagecoach on 14th Street and gallop around town. The NY Times reports that the horse-drawn stagecoach was promoting Shania Twain's new fragrance (probably named "Shania!"), was bumped by a van while on 14th Street between 8th and 9th Avenues this morning. The horses were able to break free, with Hero reaching 6th Avenue before being stopped and Princess making it all the way to 13th Street and Fifth Avenue before a construction worker reined her in. It was a horse rebellion! One woman emerging from the subway ducked in time, and said, "You don't expect horses to be charging towards you on your way to work on the sidewalk in Manhattan." No, no, you don't.

The stagecoach's driver went to St. Vincent's with a strained shoulder, as the coach actually tipped over. No word on whether or not the van got a citation or if Shania Twain will be sued for causing public mayhem.