090208buggy.jpgThe two carriage horses who ran amok through Bay Ridge Sunday are recovering nicely on a Connecticut farm, the Daily News reports. Stormy and Elvis, snow-colored, 2,000-pound Percherons who work pulling buggies for Valentine Carriage, survived with just scratched-up legs. However, driver Richie Valentine Jacobson fractured five ribs after being thrown from the carriage onto a town car's windshield. The buggy was about to pick up bride-to-be Nunzie Lumberto when a pole snapped, spooking the horses, who took off. In spite of his injuries, Jacobson (in Renaissance costume) caught up, grabbed the reins, and steered the carriage into a light pole, totaling it. He's not saying he's a hero, but he puts it this way, "I jeopardized my own life to make sure no one else would be in harm's way."