090108buggy.jpgA horse-drawn buggy was totaled yesterday during a wild stampede through Borough Park in Brooklyn that left one car with a shattered windshield, the Post reports. The white buggy was a block away from picking up bride-to-be Nunzie Lumberto, who was waiting to be escorted to her wedding at Regina Hall of St. Rosalie's in Dyker Heights. But before she could get in, a wooden bar under the buggy snapped, striking one of the horses in the rear. Then it was off to the races!

The buggy driver tells the Post, "I held onto the reins with my body off the side," as the horses wildly dragged him down 12th Avenue toward 66th Street. They jumped onto a car waiting at a traffic light, shattering the windshield and nearly knocking the buggy driver loose. But he managed to hold on long enough to steer the wagon into a traffic pole, explaining, "My only choice was to direct the horses in a direction that could prevent someone from getting hurt."

WNBC has thorough slideshow of the aftermath, pictured here. Happily, the horses survived with just cuts and bruises to their legs, while the buggy driver sustained an injury to his face. And Ms. Lumberto bravely decided to go through with the wedding anyway, despite the ominous symbolism of the incident.