2006_02_butterflybush.jpgWhoa, who knew that people would take their anger out on poor plants and trees in the park? The Post reports that David Sasson was arrested for "committing horticultural homicide" at Union Square Park. Sasson, who lives on East 14th Street, has apparently been damaging hydrangea bushes, dogwood trees, holly bushes, roses, butterfly bushes, a magnolia and other flora over the past three weeks. Two Parks Enforcement officers caught him at 1:30AM, and the Parks Department said Sasson "was in the process of ripping branches off trees," adding that Sasson just "reached up into the tree branches and pulled off the limbs." And the "destruction or abuse for trees" is serious - that, coupled with his second-degree criminal mischief charges, could add up to seven years in jail.

Gothamist recommends you check out New Yorkers For Parks, a parks advocacy group in the city. You can sign up for their Parks Advocacy Day in May and we love the Daffodil Project, where thousands of flowers are planted each year.