In the wake of the alleged Whitehall station subway pervert, Gawker received an account of one woman's experience having a guy apparently pleasure himself while watching her on a train. And she has video.

You can watch it here (it looks like it's from an IND/BMT train). She explains:

I was just reading my book, not expecting to get any action on my commute home on a pretty full train. Then a kind, observant lady leans over and whispers, "Just so you know, the guy across the aisle is masturbating and watching you." Oh really? Is it my lucky day? I peek up with trepidation. Truly, he is, HE IS! I look back down at my book while I try to gather my wits. The informer giggles uncomfortably, which allows me to handle this with a little humor. I fish for my phone and prop it on my lap, capturing this gem of a video. You can see him realize he's being documented halfway through. But does that deter him? Why no, it does not. He is fully committed to his task. He finishes! Then turns bashful. But not so bashful that he doesn't find the courage to ask me to be his girlfriend on his way off the train.

The NYPD hasn't responded to our questions about what victims of subway lewdness should do if a police officer isn't on the platform and if you're trying to get the hell away. But a reader noted that a man was pleasuring himself while sitting across from herself and her sister on the subway: "After taking photos and a video of this and having a very loud confrontation with him, he left at the next stop and I went to the police afterward (where I was also given a runaround of which precinct to go to) and filed a report for lewd behavior, but they didn't even want to take the photos/video! I was told a detective would contact me in a few days, but to no avail. It's been months."