A horrible father who beat and burned his son before stuffing him in an oven over a missing $20 bill has been shown compassion by a Staten Island judge after that same son begged for leniency. Despite pleading guilty to all seven charges against him, 53-year-old James Moss has been sentenced to a mere four months in jail. Served on weekends.

"Everybody in my family is giving him a second chance," James' sobbing son Christopher Moss, 12, said in front of Supreme Court Justice Robert J. Collini this morning. "I just cannot see my dad taken away from me. If he's not with me, I'm nothing. God will solve everything if you make the right choice."

And so, despite the prosecution pushing for the maximum sentence allowed by law, Judge Collini decided to do as the man's son asked. "This court feels compelled to temper justice with compassion," the judge said, pointing out that Moss had shown "uninhibited remorse." The Staten Island Advance reports that the judge asked Christopher Moss if he meant what he said and the child said yes. Moss' wife of 24 years also spoke in his defense.

Moss, who apologized in court again and called his son "a better man than me," will serve five years probation for the incident, cannot live with his son for a year, and will be required to take anger management tests as well as be subject to drug testing and a psychiatric assessment.

Staten Island District Attorney Daniel Donovan, who previously called the case "one of the most shocking and sadistic cases of child abuse I have ever prosecuted," does not seem too happy about the sentencing. “We made what we believed was a very persuasive sentence recommendation to the court that significant jail time was appropriate considering the harm that was inflicted upon this child at the hands of his own father,” he said. “Ultimately, sentencing is in the purview of the court and the judge in this case imposed a sentence which he believed was right, considering everything that was before him.”