Yesterday, the Post claimed that Jimmy Lathrop, the husband of the high school English teacher charged with statutory rape for repeatedly having sex with a 16-year-old student, was looking for a divorce lawyer. But now, Lathrop insists everything is dandy: “We’re doing fine. We’re doing awesome," he told them, denying the Post's claims that "friends and relatives" said he was livid. “We’re not getting a divorce. Who told you that—some guy who wears a short-sleeve shirt to work?"

His wife, 36-year-old "Horndog High" James Madison High School teacher Erin Sayar, has been charged with statutory rape, marijuana possession, criminal sex act, sexual misconduct, and sexual abuse. And yet, she sounded even more positive at home yesterday, telling reporters that her husband "is a great man," and there was "no divorce in our future," among other things:

I’ve spent my entire teaching career there, since 2000, and some of my best friends are there. I’ve heard from them, and they’re rooting for me. I have no plan on moving. It’s a great school. It’s a beautiful school with highly intelligent teachers and mostly wonderful students.

I have a beautiful family and beautiful friends and a gorgeous daughter. I’m generally a positive and happy person, so I’m just really hoping for the best for everyone involved in this, actually.

She also reportedly said that she may be allowed to return to her classroom at James Madison HS—but as long as she's charged, that seems highly unlikely. Investigators believed 16-year-old accuser Kevin Eng because he was able to describe "tattoos etched on intimate parts” of her body. That tattoo was of a giant, curvaceous mermaid stretched across her upper thigh. Tattoo artist Vincent Castiglia of Omega Tattoos in Manhattan gave the News the lowdown on the significance of mermaids: “The temptress,” he said. “The sirens, as soon as they opened their mouths, you couldn’t get away from them.”