Last year, a married English teacher from notorious "Horndog High" James Madison High School was charged with statutory rape for repeatedly having sex with a 16-year-old student. Erin Sayar, 37, was arrested in May 2012 and hit with 50 counts of rape and sexual abuse for allegedly smoking pot and sleeping with a high-school football player. Sayar admitted this week in court that she had sex with the student multiple times—and she'll get no jail time as part of her plea deal.

Sayar will serve 10 years' probation and lose her teaching license. "The complainant and his family are amenable to the offer," Assistant District Attorney Serena Horowitz said in Brooklyn Supreme Court. "They stated to me that they don't want to see the defendant spend time in jail." Part of the reason for the deal has to do with Sayar's health, according to the News: their sources say she is suffering from Lymphoma.

Sayar and then 16-year-old Kevin Eng allegedly exchanged 3,856 text messages over a 17-day period in 2011; Eng admitted he had sex with Sayar eight to 12 times, including some late night SUV sexcapades and sex during school when she was supposed to be tutoring him. They were found out after Eng's girlfriend got suspicious, hacked into this Facebook account, and found messages such as, “I love you so much” and “I always loved you, since last year.”

However, she's not off the hook entirely yet: "We now look forward to aggressively pursuing all defendants responsible in the civil matter," said Eng family lawyer Bruce Baron, referring to a $10 million lawsuit the family filed against Sayar and the DOE.